Sunday, October 21, 2007

Thai Food Translations

Here are translations for some of my favorite Thai foods. Enjoy!

Pad Thai – a stir fried rice noodle dish with meat and vegetables .
  • Pad Thai is the "tourist dish" and is served at nearly every restaurant. It is generally very mild since it is made for the tourists taste buds. Add a little sriracha for a spicy flavor. Sriracha is the Thai version of ketchup some say, but I found it to be much more of a vinegar and pepper flavor.
Laad Naa – Egg noodles vegetable and the meat of your choice served in a gravy sauce.
Paad See Eiw – Egg noodles stir fried with greens and in soy sauce. (salty)
Gy yahng, som-tahm, kaho neeo – Bar-b-que chicken, papaya salad and sticky rice. Very popular in open air restaurants.
Moo yahng – Bar-b-que pork. (mild)

A variety of fresh grilled meats at a local street vendor in Patong

Gy pahd med mamuang- Chicken stir-fried cashew nuts. (mild)
Gy pahd joht kaho pod- Chicken stir-fried with babycorn. (mild)
Gaang kioo wann gy- Chicken curry with bamboo. (varies)
Gaang gy- Chicken curry with coconut. (varies)

  • The chicken curry with coconut was one of our favorites. You really feel like you are on vacation when you incorporate coconut into every meal! Just a light coconut flavor and a creamy sauce with enough spice to give it a little punch.
  • The chicken stir-fry was good, but not what you expect from either cashew chicken or stir fry. A little bland for my liking, but great if your tummy need a break from all the spice.

Gaang pet gy sapparot- Chicken curry with pineapple. (varies)
Satey gy- Chicken satay with peanut sauce. (mild)
Gy pahd preeoh wahn- Chicken sweet and sour. (mild)
Tom Yum- Soup with lemongrass and coconut milk; served with chicken or prawn. (varies)

  • The chicken sweet and sour came with a sweet and spicy sauce and fresh tomatoes. A very light version of what I am use to being soaked with oil (in the States).
  • The Tom Yum is a little different at every restaurant, but I always seemed to welcome the change. Sometimes more salty and sometimes a bit more sweet from the coconut milk. Also a very light dish. The lemongrass is so fresh. A wonderful soup.
Gaang pet moo sapparot- Pork curry with pineaple. (varies)
Gaang goong sapparot- Prawn curry with pineaple. (varies)
Bamee pahd gy- Fried noodles with chicken. (mild)
Paht paak ruamit- Stir fried vegetables. (mild)
Papaya Salad - shredded green papaya, chopped green beans, tomato, dried prawns, unsalted roasted peanuts, chillies, garlic and lime juice (spicy)

Enjoying Papaya Salad (again!) at BKK airport

  • This is one of my favorites. I ordered it everywhere! It is a great mix of sweet, salty, and spicy.
  • If you want a dish not so spicy, tell they waiter "my ow pet"
Goong grathiem prik- Thai Prawns with garlic and chiles. (spicy)
Yam nuea- Beef salad. (spicy)
Gaang garrei neua- Yellow curry with beef. (mild)
Khao Neeo Mah Muang fantastic if in season. Sweet mangos served with sweet sticky rice topped with coconut cream.

Sticky rice with mango!

  • The mango and sticky rice is phenomenal but generally hard to come by. Most restaurants don't serve it, so check the nearby street vendors. It is a Thai delight you don't want to miss!


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